Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

Summer is coming, the days are getting longer... It`s really nice to spend the time off outside with family and friends..
I decided to share with you a simple recipe for a budged friendly, quick and yummy fruit cake...
You can use any fruit mix you like... 

I measured the ingredients with a 250ml glass

2 glasses of flour
1 glass of sugar
0,5 glass of water
0,5 glass of cooking oil
2 teaspoons of baking powder

First prepare the fruits and ingredients

mix the ingredients together 

when the mix is nice and smooth you can add the fruits or place the mix into a baking tray and then just place the fruits on top

For this cake I usually use  a bigger baking tray which measures around 9"x13" (23cm x 33cm) 
Bake in an oven set to 180 C 
baking time : around 1 hour but it`s better to check if it`s baked with a stick because the time of baking depends on the fruits which are used, sometimes if they are more juicy the time of baking might be longer

Hope you will enjoy it :)

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