Wall Art

  Today I sat down in my bedroom with warm cup of coffee to think about how to redecorate our rooms. Everything seems to be fine, pictures, photos, bookshelf, mirror but I think there is something missing….. Do you know that feeling? At the moment our bedroom is in nice red color but now I would like to bring into our room more brightness.  I decide to turn walls colors into white but it is not enough … so I did some search on internet and bingo!!! Found it.  I found the missing piece to make my bedroom perfect. Wall stickers. They are in affordable prices and will last for a long time.  The perfect picture which will make our bedroom finished looks like that (I chose garden birds in green color – to stick on the white wall).



available here


 I couldn`t help myself and decide to do a little changes in my boys room – what do you think about that


Cowboy sticker -  available here 

Here are some more wall stickers – aren’t they great?

Something for babies – very trendy owls - available here 

Something for Kurt Cobain fans ( available here )

And many more - On K&L Wall-Art website - there are over 1000 designs to choose from in 35 colours :)