Message Holder


I have started my Message Holder by doing shapes by bending the wire.


When the wire is ready there is time for the bottom of the holder to be made.

To do that I need a salt dough

Salt dough:
1 glass of plain flour
1 glass of salt
125 ml of water

Mix the ingredients together using your hands.

When the dough is ready just create a shape that you like.
Stick the wire on the top of formed dough. 

You can paint it before drying or after (I did it when the dough was dry and very hard)

Ways of drying the dough
1. To dry the dough you can put it into the oven (I do this at 75°C) for 20 – 30 minutes – everything depend on the size of the figure – if the figure is hard and looks dry it is ready. If the temperature is too high it may cause cracking on the dough (quick way)
2. You can put the dough outside to let do the job to the Sun (takes a few days)
3. You can dry it by putting on the radiator (depend of temperature on your radiator – it may take a few days).
 When the paint dried I coated it with colorless nail polish. 


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