Today I decided to make chalkboards. One for myself, and the other one to use on display at a hairdressing salon.
I bought 2 lovely frames at a second hand shop.

I wanted to make the first one in some girly colour so I mixed two paints red and blue.

But to be honest I wasn`t happy with the final effect because it was too dark (now I am thinking that maybe I should have used a bit of white )

At the end I decided to use a ready colour, and I was more than happy with the final colour.

To give it a final touch I used clear spray paint.

The next frame was easier because I decided to just use white spray

when the frames were drying I had to paint the boards with charcoal paint.
The next step , put it together .....and voila :)

At first I tried to write on my chalkboards with ordinary chalks but I wasn`t happy with the effect, even when I made them wet I couldn`t write small letters. Then a friend of mine told me about chalkboard pens. I bought one  6mm chalk marker pen on e-bay from HaberCrafts and the result was amazing as you can see on the photos :)

I hope that you liked my post :)


When I was working outside I had a very curious visitor

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