Halloween dessert :)

Today I would like to share with you some kind of a dessert that especially kids will love. This is an idea how to prepare something different for a Halloween party.

Melt some chocolate (I used Sainsbury`s – basic dark chocolate).
When the chocolate is cooling you can fill the balloons with air. For a small size bowl it is good to use a “water bomb” balloon. 

Prepare a cover for the table (baking paper or foil).
Place the balloons into the chocolate. Be careful and don`t do it when chocolate is to warm  (when I tried to do this for the very first time the balloons just exploded -  everything including myself and my kids, we were covered in chocolate ).


Wait for a few hours or place them into a fridge to speed up the hardening of the chocolate

When the chocolate bowl is ready just try to remove the balloons gently by making a small hole and waiting.
Fill in the ready bowls with ice cream and add a touch of Halloween.

I added some sweets from my local sweet shop – skull candy, some blackcurrant laces and strawberry ice cream toppings.