Make your everyday shopping a fun

In my first post I decide to focus on shopping bags. Everyday all of us do their shopping. Most of us stopped using plastics bags or minimized using them. Lots of People are using jute or material bags. They are available in all shops and supermarkets. When we are shopping we would like to have unique bags. Reusable shopping bags have become one of the new fashion trends.  So have a look at hose lovely bags which I found on E-bay and Amazon :)  

Those bags with flowers are very unique

 They are available here
From an  e-bay store ecobaguk 

More unique bags to look at 

You can find them on the e-bay store 

 I especially like the green ones because they are in the colour of Spring which will make the Autumn a bit happier

If you like dogs these bags deserve your attention 

Available here from Starprint Photographic (e-bay store)

You can also personalize your bags or buy them as a gift for someone special by writing text on them.



Available colours  of text are: black, white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink and grey. You can choose one or mix few of them.

To buy one of them go to an e-bay shop

I'd Like To Chat But I Really Moustache Funny Bags ……

I fell  in love with them – Autumn doesn`t have to be grey it can be colorful.
Those are available from amazon  from Quirk


And something funny at the end 



I found those bags  on e-bay – and will say no more…..

 from seller Mad Tees and Tops

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