How to make a coffee peeling

Grounded coffee (2 tablespoons).
Cinnamon (1 tablespoon).
You can add a bit of honey (1 teaspoon) and baby oil (just a few drops) as well 

Pour freshly boiled water into a cup with cinnamon and coffee (just to cover the ingredients).On top of the cup place a saucer and let them stay until they are cold. Drain off any excess water If you like, you can add (if you like) some honey or baby oil. Mix it together. It`s ready after, 5 minutes rinse it. I love to use it for all my body – just once a week.

This peeling is really cheap, wonderful and easy to make. Some spa and beauty salons are offering massages with coffee scrubs.  Not everyone can afford that or simply have no time. So you can give to yourself a bit of luxury in your own bath.
This peeling will boost up your blood circulation; it is very effective for cellulite and other conditions that make your skin look tired. Bodies after coffee peeling are really smooth so why don`t you try? :)