First thing in a Morning ...... coffee :)

All around world are two groups of people – coffee lovers and coffee haters. I am in the first group :) .for me every day starts with cup of coffee. But coffee it is not just a drink.  Today I`ll tell you how to keep lovely  coffee smell for longer and  on my next post (herehow we can use the coffee to look gorgeous .

This is a simply idea to make a decoration with coffee beans and a tea light.
Just pour some coffee beans into a wine glass and on top of the coffee beans place a tea light.a Tea light while burning is getting warmer and all around the room you will smell a gorgeous and mild coffee scent.

I have used a wine glass but you can use some lovely jars which are available in supermarkets or on-line.

You can get this one at your nearest Sainsbury`s   store or on-line here 

You can get This square jar with a glass lid here 


You can buy this lovely jar with a bird on the top here from Divine Inspiration Interiors  


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  2. dziekuje. Bylam i slad po sobie zostawilam :)